Unable to load plug-in error in Admin install

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Unable to load plug-in error in Admin install

Сообщение JosephGalvan » 14 май 2018, 12:10


After further investigation, I have managed to get the admin installation to access the VC++ 8 runtime web block,
it required changing the web block download url to
$WEBPATH$\\Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 8.0 (includes ATL and MFC).7zip
then passing in the path to the runtime as part of the command line.
Ok, so far so good, it now extracts without issue. the only problem is, now I get an error saying
Unable to load plug-in library. PLease rebuild your project and make sure all required plug-ins are installed
I have removed the /s part of the command line so I can actually debug this, as normally the install just quits with no information what so ever about the problem.
If you run the normal .exe for this installation, the prereqs work fine and it installs the C++ 8 runtime.
If you manually install the C++ 8 runtime, the rest of the install works fine.
This is now becoming a problem as some of our customers are requiring administrative installs, and as the prereqs cannot be installed, neither can the application.
Any Ideas

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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Re: Unable to load plug-in error in Admin install

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