1815 radar AIS issue

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1815 radar AIS issue

Сообщение JosephGalvan » 16 май 2018, 16:27


I'm installing an 1815 radar and a new VHF with gps/ais outputs. In the radar menus, both AIS and GPS are grayed out and I cannot select them. I do have a 4800 baud feed from the gps into the radar, and in the self test I see that the GLL and RMC sentences check OK. The self test screen does not have the VDM sentence listed, but I am sure that the radar is getting a 38.4k baud VDM sentence. Neither of the NMEA ports shows any result on the self test screen, though port 1 is obviously seeing the gps data. My position is shown elsewhere.
The radar is supposed to use all of these sentences. I don't understand why I can't turn on the AIS targets in the menu, and where has the VDM sentence gone?
On the self test screen, shouldn't there be some indication of the states of Port 1 and Port 2, especially since the radar is clearly using data coming into Port 1?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Re: 1815 radar AIS issue

Сообщение walksoftly » 22 янв 2021, 14:04