Could it be AT&T modem router?

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Could it be AT&T modem router?

Сообщение crowek » 23 июн 2018, 07:53


As I read through many of the problems being posted here, I have flashbacks to my own situation early this year. I have AT&T DSL service. This spring my old Westell modem gave up the ghost so I decided to get the AT&T 2 Wire modem since that was the only modem they would troubleshoot over the phone. Well, I had so many problems with it including dropped calls, ringing with no one there, poor voice quality, just about everything listed here on this forum. ATT was no help, of course, other than to tell me to exchange the modem/router. I did that but had the same problems. The statistics were terrible with many dropped packets. Finally, ATT agreed to send out a technician to check my line. As soon as he saw my 2 Wire router/modem he said it was a piece of junk, went to his truck, and gave me a new Motorola unit that they use just for businesses. We plugged it up and PERFECT! The statistics were perfect and speeds increased 2 fold. No more problems. How many people posting here have that darn 2 Wire POS? Get rid of it!
I also just have a single pair running from the modem directly to the outside box.. Had it BEFORE we changed modems. Then I have all house wires disconnected in box and wire nutted together for each color. All phone jacks work just fine.

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Re: Could it be AT&T modem router?

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