Possible solution to classified gear farming issue

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Possible solution to classified gear farming issue

Сообщение rockjohnson » 11 июл 2018, 16:31


So even with the buff to the classified gear drop, it would take you months to obtain a full set of 5 and 6 pieces if you're a casual player. You all saw that 35 caches thread. Marco talked about this issue in one of his videos so why not make the classified and normal set mix together, I know they can mix now up to 4 pc bonus, but why not make them mix up to 6 pc, change the stat value on classified to even higher ones, but allow the players to experience the 6pc bonus without having to farm 3 months for it. Currently classified gear sets offer 35% boost in base stats, make this a higher number so you can motivate players to keep farming classified gear and make that gear more exclusive, but also offer them the experience of having that 6pc bonus so they don't forget what they're farming for?

Any help will be apprecited.

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https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1 ... sue-Forums
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Thank you.

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Re: Possible solution to classified gear farming issue

Сообщение walksoftly » 22 янв 2021, 14:25