Problems connecting PIC to RobotC

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Problems connecting PIC to RobotC

Сообщение rockjohnson » 11 июл 2018, 16:33


I have had an old Vex PIC system for several years now along with the old orange style of programming hardware kit. However, I have never been successful in getting programming software to work due to issues with licenses. When I saw there was a free version of RobotC 3.63 for Vex PIC available, I thought I would finally be able to put the sensory hardware I have to use. The installation worked on Windows 10 without any problems. However, I could not establish a link with the PIC controller when trying to load the Master CPU firmware or a program. I followed the instructions for installing driver software for the old programming hardware onto Windows 8 (note I am using Windows 10) and selected the proper communications port. When I attempt to download Master CPU firmware, it looks like it is about to load before displaying, "Master Firmware Download Failed: Verify Device ID Failed." I am not sure how to solve this issue. I doubt it is a problem with the cable because the computer recognizes it and the robot reacts differently if it is turned on with or without the cable plugged in. Does the problem lie with Windows 10, the drivers, RobotC, or my own inexperience?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Re: Problems connecting PIC to RobotC

Сообщение walksoftly » 22 янв 2021, 14:26